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DernierCri Fashion Week Delhi (2024)

About this Event

DernierCri Fashion Week Delhi is set to dazzle fashion enthusiasts with its much-anticipated Festive Collection. Organized by the renowned fashion house, DernierCri, the event promises a captivating showcase of the latest trends and designs in the heart of Delhi. Attendees can expect a glamorous spectacle, featuring cutting-edge styles and innovative creations from top-notch designers. As DernierCri takes center stage, the Fashion Week becomes a platform for both established and emerging talents to present their artistic prowess. With the city as its backdrop, DernierCri Fashion Week Delhi is poised to elevate the fashion experience, making a lasting impression on the style-conscious audience.



As the founder of DernierCri, I am thrilled to welcome you to the DernierCri Pageant. This event is a celebration of beauty, diversity, and individuality, echoing the spirit that defines our brand. At DernierCri, we believe in empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness and showcase their inner beauty. The Pageant is not just about external appearances; it’s a platform to amplify the voices of those who inspire us with their stories, dreams, and passion.

As we embark on this journey together, let us continue to break barriers, challenge norms, and redefine standards of beauty. May this pageant be a reflection of the diverse tapestry that makes us who we are. Thank you for being a part of the DernierCri family, and I look forward to witnessing the incredible stories and journeys that will unfold on this stage.


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