MR, MISS & MRS India 2024 (Auditions)


Mr., Miss, and Mrs. India 2024, come be a part of this glamorous journey that has the power to transform lives. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of India, experiencing its grace and diversity firsthand.


Unleash your fervor and let the colors of passion saturate the streets! Mr. and Mrs. India – Where passion ignites in a kaleidoscope of hues! Engage in the vibrant upcoming extravaganza nestled in the heart of India!

Immerse yourself in this opulent pursuit that transforms destinies. Discover the magnificence of diverse India through grace and multiplicity.

Following the triumph of DernierCri Fashion Week 2023, we are elevating expectations, crafting a magnificent tribute to elegance and skill. This pageant transcends mere beauty; it’s a voyage of boundless opportunities, poised to crown remarkable individuals embodying the essence of India.

Auditions Dates & Locations:


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